1. What to do if you lose your bike lock key ?

Make sure you have some spare keys , if a manufacturer of a bike lock cannot provide a replacement key for you d or u bike lock normally you have to have the key number that may have come with the lock + card .

2. How to open locks if you lose the keys ? 

I lost my bicycle lock key and my bicycle is locked with an U-D Lock , bike locksmiths services could help and assist to cut your bike D or U lock with an angle grinder or other power locksmiths tools .

3.  My bike D lock jammed - what to do ?

Try to use WD 40 and little oil first, and trying  to get off your key Or use a pair of pliers on the key for leverage but not to hard as key could break in the lock . 

Another way is to try to wiggling the key in rotating a little side to side it might release the pins if they're stuck.        

4. How much does it cost for a locksmith to open a bike lock ?

Typical call-out rates for unlocking your bike lock is from £49.00 to £52.00 .

When getting estimates over the telephone for hire a bike locksmith service we will recommend you to ask detailed questions about what is included or you may end up with a much higher bill than expected in the first place .

5.  My bike key jammed in my U-lock, How can I possibly unlock/break it?
Trying giving the lubricant a little with DW40, or try a heavy bolt cutters for small bike lock . Or call to bike locksmith for more help , if Is it a cheap made d lock you might be able to just beat on it with a big hammer until the mechanism until it falls apart and totally break .

6What are the types of Bike locks we can help you to unlock ?

 We Unlocking Kryptonite , Abus D bike locks, Master Lock , Magnum , Halfords , Knog , Bikehut , Immobilise , InterLock , Magnum Plus , chain bike lock .

7. Our certified Bicycle locksmiths team will be able to help you with all issues related to bike lock such as kryptonite bike lock when your kryptonite u lock stuck or when kryptonite bike d lock won't open with key or completely unlocking and stuck sometimes even when your bike lock combination not working or stuck, we offering help to removal and unlock / cut you D/U bike locks in Central London.

8. What hours you open for unlocking bike lock service ?

In London we are 24 hour emergency bicycle locksmiths in London, We have fully trained local locksmiths Bike lock removal service operates 365 days a year.

For more help Call : 020 3637 6179

9. Bike Lost keys-what to do ?

Have you lost key for your bike lock in London ? no idea what to do ?

If you do not know your key number- code with a card and haven't registered it with a lock company, then you will need to contact a bike locksmith company and have them remove the d lock from your bike .

10. Top recommended tips for keeping your bike safe and secured in London streets ?

We think this link will help you to protect your bike , and keep it safe Buy a decent lock ,please Don’t leave your bike outside overnight try to Always lock in a busy visible location with full light .


11. Motorcycle Disc Locks removal - I broke the key off in my brake disc lock what to do now ?

Using a motorcycle disc lock is a very good way to stop your bike from rolling off and secured your bike from been stolen in London , but somethings  key broken inside the lock could broke inside and to unlock it and remove it from will be very hard , you may want to call to independent locksmith

locksmith for bike lock in London

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Bike locks removal in London : , Kryptonite D lock , Abus locksmith , Master Lock , Magnum , Halfords ,  Magnum Plus ,Pad lock removal .

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